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'Rude and crude’

Dear Editor:

I was disgusted by the Feb. 17 cartoon appearing in what is supposed to be a community, family-orientated newspaper.

The cartoon is rude, crude, inappropriate and not at all amusing.

I know it has become a daily ritual for the national and international news media to rudely, and often falsely, deride the person elected to be the president by our neighbours to the south.

They are pursuing this derision to the point of reader and viewer boredom. This is one of the reasons why the news media is considered to be of less and less value as news reporting entities by the citizens of both countries.

Please do not let this happen to our local news media also. Please keep our local media accurate, balanced and above all clean.

Michael Lee, SALEM

Misconception of farms’

Dear Editor:

RE: Propaganda, Feb. 17.

The letter to the editor from Michael Paul of Rockwood has made me feel both sad and deeply disturbed. His implication that the mistreatment of animals is common practice on farms is totally inaccurate.

Yes, there are “bad farmers,” just as there are “bad teachers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics,  etc. (I am not pointing a finger at any one profession). But for every “bad one” there are hundreds and hundreds of “good ones.”

I ask Mr. Paul, when was the last time you visited a working, modern farm and saw first hand how farmers look after their livestock? It is sad that the misconception of farms and farmers has become more and more prevalent in today’s society.

Mr. Paul, call me. I would be more than pleased to take you to some of our local farms so you can actually see what goes on and how they look after their animals and their land.

“Did you eat today?!  Thank a Farmer.”

Alan McPhedran, ROCKWOOD

Tournament thanks

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Elora Rockers Hockey Association I would like to thank all team reps and their players for making the 28th annual tournament another successful weekend at the Elora Community Centre.

This year proceeds from the tournament are going towards Bissell Park upgrades. A special thank you to Elora Brewing Company for team prizes, The Grand 101FM for their coverage of the event, and all the local businesses that donated to our auction table.

Also thanks to the people who while not playing in the tourney stopped by the over the weekend to support our cause. Finally, thanks to all of our members for their hours of work over the weekend to make this event so successful!

Tom Keating, ELORA

‘Hands up’

Dear Editor:

Hands up anybody who wants to pay less income tax.

Wow, look at that - everybody has at least one hand up; most have two! And that’s exactly what Conservative leadership candidate Michael Chong is offering Canadians with his sensible approach to tackling the huge and growing problem of climate change.

How? In Chong’s plan, we all pay more for the dirty fossil fuels that are overheating our planet; this higher price bugs us and makes choosing cleaner energy a no brainer (if it wasn’t already).

Then Chong takes all this revenue from higher fossil fuel prices and reduces our income taxes; the government keeps nothing (repeat nothing). Everybody wins, including planet Earth and our grand kids. Oops, one exception - the biggest consumers of those big bad fossil fuels.

Liz Armstrong, ERIN

‘Important service’?

Dear Editor:

RE: Palliative care, Feb. 10.

If one were to follow Helen Hansen’s logic that “assisted dying is usually nothing more than palliative care,” then the London nurse currently in jail accused of first degree murder may have performed what she thought was “an important service” for eight “Canadian oldies”.

The only difference is she failed to obtain informed consent from her elderly patients.

Doreen Henschel, ROCKWOOD

‘Proud and grateful’

Dear Editor:

The advocacy, decision-making, and conversation about water that is happening right now, in our township, makes me proud and grateful to live here.

On Jan. 23, our council agreed with Kirk McElwain’s recommendation to call water a “public trust” in its comments to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. With this language, our councillors are telling the Ontario government that water should be preserved for public use - that’s our use, and that of future generations. And, even more strongly, that the government must protect and maintain these resources for the public’s use.

Water is a resource that will only become more scarce. This is our trust. Let’s manage it well.

Ailsa Fullwood,, FERGUS

‘Selfish monster’?

Dear Editor:

RE: Carbon tax hoax, Feb. 3.

Yes, the climate has been changing for thousands of years (well, technically, billions of years).

Climatologists have created sophisticated models to help determine why it changes. Using those models, they have determined that if we don’t drastically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we emit, global temperatures will continue to increase, with devastating consequences on our way of life.

Rising global temperatures have confirmed this; we ignore these warnings at our peril. Its not a coincidence that virtually every year we break a new record for hottest year in recorded history.

The terms “global warming” and “climate change” have both been used since 1975. You can thank the Republicans, not climatologists, for the change. They thought that using the term “climate change” would make it less scary and that people would be less likely to act to address the problem as a result.

Based on this, and other, letters to the editor, it apparently worked on some of you. Canada does in fact generate less than 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions (1.58% in 2014). We are, however, less than 1% of the world’s population (0.5%). We are, on a per capita basis, the eighth worst offender in the world. That should be a source of national embarrassment.

Just as we shake our head at the immorality of previous generations supporting slavery, racism and sexism for so long, our children will bemoan how we could have solved this problem before it ever began, but were unwilling to part with a few extra dollars to do so.

Previous generations found, and died, to preserve our freedom, and our generation is unwilling to part with some excess spending money. Personally, I’d be more than happy to pay a bit more in taxes so that my children won’t think of me as a selfish monster in 20 years.

David Brandow, GUELPH



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