Today's date: Friday September 22, 2017 Vol 50 Issue 38
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Big bids for old papers

by Dave Adsett

Judging by the bidding for some old newspapers in a recent online auction sale, demand for newspapers is strong.

In fact, the winning bidder paid exponentially on the newsstand price. But it was worth it.

As seems to happen with online auctions, early bidding was affordable - maybe even a bargain. Closer to cut-off time the real bidders showed up.

We were on the way to Toronto at the time. Based on some advice in a previous column to watch the road and avoid distractions, we pulled over twice just to check the progress of our pending purchase. It wasn’t until the third ...

September 22, 2017

Surprise, surprise

by Dave Adsett

If putting on a fall fair wasn’t enough work, there comes the element of surprise.

Aberfoyle Fall Fair organizers learned for ...

Pay attention

by Dave Adsett

According to the OPP, distracted driving is linked to more collisions on our roads than speeding and impaired driving combined.

It’s ...

Labels are for jars

by Dave Adsett

We walked into a bit of hornet’s nest last week. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before and surely it ...

Agree to disagree

by Chris Daponte

“Killing animals to feel their bones and flesh in your mouth is no different than beating a dog solely for ...

Footings underway

by Dave Adsett

The dream of a new hospital to replace the current aging Groves hospital is now a reality.

With shovels at the ...

Late night TV

by Dave Adsett

For many years people have tuned into Cops. It’s a show where the cameras follow the action and see how ...

Needs vs. wants

by Dave Adsett

It’s an age-old argument in local political circles: what is a “want” and what is a “need”?

The issue surfaced at ...

A venerable tradition

by Patrick Raftis

Mapleton residents are getting set to celebrate an institution older than the nation.

Having recently put on a major bash for ...



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Belwood native Ryan Laird embarks on first country music tour as headliner
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Olivia Rutt and Jaime Myslik
Stephen Thorning - 1949-2015
Kelly Waterhouse


Dave Adsett: Big bids for old papers

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